Renee Camus - Movement, historical dancing, ragtime, maxixe

Renee Camus - Movement, dancing, teaching, historical dance scholarship

I have a strong background in the arts, especially dance and musical theatre. My first career is in dance, dance history and scholarship, and teaching. I still love to dance, and I’m rebuilding my teaching career in my new home town. I started my training with ballet, jazz, and tap, but I specialize in percussive dance, English and American country dancing, and Victorian and Ragtime social dancing. I love teaching and breaking things down into easily understandable pieces. I understand the enormous value that the arts bring to life and culture, and I want to stand up for the arts in our society.

Here are some of the ways I could help you:

  • Teaching
    • Able to break down complicated concepts
  • Choreography
  • Performance
  • Historical dance reconstruction
  • Research
  • Consultation

Here are many of the dance styles I teach:

  • Percussive dance
    • Tap
    • Appalachian clogging
    • English clogging, including Marley dance clog
    • Irish step-dancing
  • English Country dancing
    • Calling and teaching
    • From traditional Playford and Cecil Sharp dances to modern composers like Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, Colin Hume, and Fried de Metz Herman.
  • American dances
    • Contras
    • Square dances(?)
  • Ritual Dancing
    • Morris
    • Longsword
  • Twentieth-century social dances
    • Ragtime (ie: Titanic, Pre-World War I era (1900–1914)), including:
      • Cakewalk
      • One-step
      • Castlewalk
      • Blues
      • Tango
      • Maxixe
      • Animal dances (Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug, Duck Waddle, Pony Trot, Horse Trot, etc)
      • Fox-trot
    • Charleston and Black Bottom (1920s dances)
    • Modern ballroom dances
      • Swing
      • Salsa
      • Cha-cha
      • Rumba
      • Waltz
  • Victorian dances (from the Nineteenth-century)
    • Jane Austen-era social dances
      • English country dances
      • Regency footwork
    • Victorian set dances
      • Longways
      • Quadrilles
    • Victorian couple dances
      • Waltzes:
        • 1860s waltz
        • 1890s/Viennese waltz
        • 5-step waltz
      • Polka mazurka
      • Polka redowa
      • Mazurka
      • Polka
      • Schottische
    • Scandinavian Hambo

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