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Writing, proofreading, fact-checking, editing...



Web design, video editing, story production, etc.


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Eric Mercado
Eric MercadoLos Angeles Magazine

"I've worked with hundreds of journalists over the course of more years than I care to remember and Renée is one of the few who stands out. She is resourceful, doggedly diligent, and a pleasure to work with. Without reservation, I would hire her immediately if a position were available. Somebody hire her now!"

Petrea Burchard
Petrea BurchardAudiobook Narrator and writer

Renée taught me how to build a website, from scratch, on WordPress. I had never built a website before, but by the time we were finished I not only had a site with functional and beautiful pages, I was also able to rebuild, change, and manage the site on my own. Her patient guidance pulled me through and I value what I learned from her: I can do it!

Jenny Fisher
Jenny FisherHigh School Director, Classical Conversations Northridge

Our high school class decided to take English Country Dance lessons after reading Pride and Prejudice and it was the highlight of our year. We hired Renée Camus and she was fantastic. She’s fun (highly necessary for high schoolers), kind, helpful, and extremely effective at knowing her audience. She’ll slow things down at the beginning and move people around in order for us to learn the dances quickly. That’s important so that we could get to the dancing. We were all surprised how much these teens loved it, to the point they looked forward to the next lesson. ECD is much more social and eliminates the awkward factor and keeps things fun and lighthearted. I can not recommend Renée highly enough. She’s a phenomenal instructor and fun and effective caller.

Jennifer Roland
Jennifer RolandFreelance Content Marketer

Renee just did a short-term transcription job for the Freelance Writers Den. She jumped right in and picked up our style quickly. Her work was impeccable -- and she knew when to ask questions and take direction. I'd definitely hire her for this type of work again.

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Dance From teaching to performing to choreography, I’ve studied many styles of dance. I teach in a clear and efficient manner. Words Writing, copyediting, proofreading, fact-checking, transcriptions… All things words. Lots of ways I can help you. Media I have experience with web design using WordPress, and with video editing and story producing.

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Dance and Teaching

I have a strong background in the arts, especially dance and musical theatre. My first career is in dance, dance history and scholarship, and teaching. I still love to dance, and I’m rebuilding my teaching career in my new home town. I started my training with ballet, jazz, and tap, but I specialize in percussive …

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After years working in academia as a dance scholar and ballroom and tap teacher, I relaunched my career in freelance writing and entertainment journalism (including video journalism), personal essay, and content management when I moved to Los Angeles in 2012. I’ve published works in many publications, including Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, LA Weekly, …

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